The JB series Concrete Buggy is a rugged and tough concrete cart that easily transports concrete, mortar, and debris.

  • All-welded steel construction
  • Choose 6 or 8 Cubic foot capacity
  • Fit through standard doorways with the 6 CU FT model –  only 29.5″ width!
  • Front rocker arms for easy dumping
  • Large wheels with roller bearings for easy maneuvering over rough surfaces
  • Low center of gravity
  • Choose from pneumatic or steel wheels
  • Optional hoisting lugs for lifting empty buggy to/from jobsite
Weight 142 lbs
Overall Dimensions 61 × 29.5 × 31 in
Capacity 6 cu. ft., 8 cu. ft.
Wheel Type 26.5" Steel wheel, 27" Pneumatic wheel
Hoisting Lug 4 hoisting lugs, None


Concrete Georgia Buggy

The Concrete Georgia Buggy is a rugged and tough concrete barrow, featuring all-welded durable steel construction.  While designed to transport concrete, mortar, and varying types of debris, the Georgia Buggy’s versatility can be used to move many types of heavy material from loose gravel to soil.  Designed with a lower center of gravity, this concrete buggy is more stable than your average wheelbarrow. By distributing the weight of its load between the wheels and the operator, the buggy enables carrying of heavier and bulkier loads than would be possible if the weight was carried by an ordinary wheelbarrow.  Two large diameter pneumatic wheels make the cart easy to maneuver over rugged jobsites.  This is because greater-diameter wheels work like levers, multiplying the pulling or pushing force.  This makes it easier to turn the wheels around the axels.  Plus, the buggy’s pivot point is designed to tip easily causing less strain on the back.  The front rocker arms provide stability, making the dumping action effortless.  Suitable for construction, industrial or agricultural use, this Georgia Buggy is perfect for the heavy jobs!

Choose from either the 6 CU FT or 8 CU FT to suit your jobsite needs.  Conveniently, the 6 CU FT fits through a standard doorway with its maximum width being 29.5″

Wheel Options

Depending on your application, you can choose to build your cart with either Pneumatic or Steel wheels. The large 27″ Pneumatic wheels allow easy pushing and maneuvering over rugged jobsites, as the wheels absorb the unevenness of the terrain. Alternatively, the large steel wheels allow for easy pushing in high capacity, abusive applications. Nearly indestructible and long lasting, steel wheels provide added strength.

Need to hoist to jobsite?

To add hoisting capabilities to this versatile concrete buggy, opt for hoisting lugs to hoist or lower the empty buggy to the jobsite.  The optional hoisting lugs are NOT intended to be used to hoist the buggy when filled with any type of materials or objects.

Product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may vary from actual product.

*Note:  Always distribute load evenly.  When uniform weight capacity is calculated for any product, the capacity is based on the weight being uniformly distributed over the entire usable area.  For those products with casters or wheels, the maximum weight capacity is the lowest weight capacity of either the product or the set of casters/wheels.  

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