The FXT-3024 Roofing/Utility Trailer Extension Kit is designed to be attached to our 30″ wide Jescraft 30″wide Roofing/Utility Trailer line, offering added carrying length and capacity to the standard trailer.

  • Open deck
  • Adds 24″ length to existing trailer
  • Choose for 16″ or 18″ Pneumatic tire or Flat Free tire to match your existing trailer tire size
  • Includes hardware for attachment to rear of trailer
  • Requires drilling four 1/2″ holes in rear of existing FWT trailer unit (use pre-drilled holes in Extension Kit as template)
Weight N/A
Overall Dimensions N/A
Tire/Wheel Type 16" Flat Free tire, 16" Pneumatic tire, 18" Flat Free tire, 18" Pneumatic tire
Deck Size (W" x L") 30"W x 24"L
Deck Type Open deck
Assembly Wheel Assembly Required


Maximizing Your Roofing/Utility Trailer

The Roofing/Utility Trailer Extension Kit is designed add carrying length capacity to the standard Jescraft Roofing/Utility Trailer. With the added length of this kit, you can haul large loads across a roof, whether it be ISO or deck tear-off debris. Adding this cart to the 30″x 72″ Jescraft Roofing/Utility trailer increases your hauling length to 96 inches….that’s 4 stacks of ISO! Keep your materials on the move, rolling and dropping your materials where you need it to go. This allows you to efficiently move materials while progressing workflow, saving you time and money.


This Roofing/Utility trailer extension features the same all-welded steel construction as the Jescraft trailer.  The extension kit contains 4 nuts and 4 bolts used to secure the extension to the trailer.  This standard model features an open deck construction; however, the deck type can be specially requested to match your existing or newly ordered trailer.   In addition, corner stakes can be added to secure the load.  These corner stakes are placed directly in the trailer extension’s pipe wells. The corner stakes are available in 2 lengths and are sold separately (see SKU# PS-30 or MPCR-4S).

This kit features either the Pneumatic Tire or the Flat Free tire to match the base roof trailer model. This air-filled pneumatic tire provides a cushioned ride, featuring shock absorption and quiet operation. This tire is ideally suited for moving more fragile loads. The Flat Free Tire is a solid airless tire made of lightweight polyurethane. This tire features the load handling characteristics and cushion of an air-filled tire with the benefit of never going flat. Adding the load capacity of the Trailer Extension Kit to the load capacity of the Roofing Utility trailer, will provide the the total capacity of both units together.  Wheel assembly required.

Product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may vary from actual products.

*Note:  Always distribute load evenly.  When uniform weight capacity is calculated for any product, the capacity is based on the weight being uniformly distributed over the entire usable area.  For those products with casters or wheels, the maximum weight capacity is the lowest weight capacity of either the product or the set of casters/wheels.  Adding the load capacity of the Trailer Extension Kit to the load capacity of the FWT trailer, will determine the total uniform capacity of both units combined.

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