The SWP-5854 Six Wheel Pivoting Stone & Glass Cart is ideal for pre-fabricated and fabricated slabs of glass, granite, marble, slate, and other stone.

  • Six-wheel design provides maximum stability
  • Features 2 large centered fixed 10″ phenolic wheels and 4 phenolic swivel casters
  • Zero degree turning radius
  • Eyelets and multi-position tie-down bars
  • Bottom and back supports have mounted rubber strips
  • Includes convenient fork-lift pockets
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Weight 149 lbs
Overall Dimensions 60 × 31.5 × 53.5 in
Usable Deck Depth 12.5"
Caster Type Two 10" Phenolic wheels; Four 4" Phenolic swivel casters
Forklift Pockets Y
Uniform Capacity* 3,500 lbs.


The SWP-5854 Six Wheel Pivoting Stone & Glass Cart is perfect for moving pre-fabricated and fabricated slab pieces of glass, granite, marble, slate and other slab materials. The six-wheeled design provides maximum stability and allows the cart to pivot on a zero degree turning radius for fast, easy maneuvering, especially in tight spaces. This cart features eyelets and multi-position tie-down bars which accommodate ratchet straps to secure load (Ratchet straps are not included). The heavy-duty rubber strips on bottom and back supports prevents the slab from slipping and also protects against damage. Includes convenient fork-lift pockets to help secure the cart during fork lift transport.

Product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may vary from actual products.

*Note:  Always distribute load evenly.  When uniform weight capacity is calculated for any product, the capacity is based on the weight being uniformly distributed over the entire usable area.  For those products with casters or wheels, the maximum weight capacity is the lowest weight capacity of either the product or the set of casters/wheels.  

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